March 2, 2023

What is a content management system and which one is best for my website?

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What is a content management system and what is it for?

A content management system is software that allows you to manage a website and create content without programming knowledge. Most modern content management systems also have user control functionality and a page builder, which allows a non-programmer to visually see what changes are being made and to edit HTML and CSS code by simply dragging and dropping the element where the user wants it to be and changing the values of fields that are not readable to non-programmers. Most modern content management systems also allow the user to install themes that change the look and feel of the website and plug-ins that extend the functionality of content management. Some content management systems are specialised, with built-in functionality that makes it easier for the user to use the specialised content management system to achieve the desired goal.


WordPress is a free, open-source content management system used by most Lithuanian and foreign websites. This content management system is easy to use – even a person with minimal IT knowledge can create a good-looking website with a huge choice of paid and free themes and plugins, and if you decide to hire a company or person to build your website, you’ll have a huge choice of professionals and companies that work with this content management system. “WordPress is used by TIME Magazine, Sony Music, Vogue, the White House website and many other well-known websites.


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