April 28, 2023

EU support: digitising SMEs

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The application period for the “Digitalisation of SMEs” project is now open and we invite businesses to take a look at the expected project conditions and find out if your company can get funding for digitalisation projects.

Key information:

  • Submission of applications – expected in June 2023.
  • Support intensity up to 50%.
  • Budget EUR 12 000 000.
  • The maximum amount of funding is EUR 50 000.
  • Eligible applicants: micro, small and medium-sized enterprises NOT engaged in large or small-scale trade (revenues from these areas do not represent more than 49% of total annual revenues).
  • Project activities must be completed no later than 2029. 1 September
  • Eligible applicants: Micro, small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
    • Operational for at least one year;
    • whose average annual turnover from sales of own-produced products over the last three financial years, or the turnover over the period from the date of registration of the company (if the SME was registered less than 2 financial years ago), is at least EUR 100 000.

Funding by area of activity:

It assesses to what extent and which digital technologies SMEs will benefit from the project. Any of at least 7 digital technologies out of 12 must be selected:

  1. At least 50% of employees in SMEs use the internet,
  2. ICT professional resources,
  3. high-speed internet (at least 30 Mbps),
  4. mobile internet devices are used by at least 20% of SME employees,
  5. website,
  6. a website with sophisticated features,
  7. social networks,
  8. paid advertising on the internet,
  9. SMEs buying cloud computing services,
  10. e.g. suitable for automated processing sending invoices,
  11. eCommerce online sales represent at least 1% of total turnover,
  12. Business-to-consumer (B2C) online sales account for more than 10% of all online sales.

Tell us more about your project and your company, and we’ll assess whether you can get EU support for your project. If your company and project meet the requirements, we will prepare all the documents and implement the project you want. We will prepare the project documents free of charge for the companies that use our services to implement the project!


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