March 22, 2023

Most popular content management systems

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Most popular content management systems

As of 10-03-2023, there are 78.7 million websites on the Internet that use content management systems. The most popular of all is the open source content management system WordPress, which is used by 43% or 34.2 million websites. The second most popular content management system is Wix, which is used by 10% of websites, while the third and fourth places are shared by Progress Sitefinity, a paid content management system, and Squarespace, a page building platform, which are used by 4% of websites each. Looking at content management platforms alone, WordPress is in first place, Progress Sitefinity in second place and Joomla! and Drupal in fourth place. In Lithuania, WordPress is the most popular, used by almost 65% of websites, with Wix and Zyro, developed by Lithuanians, sharing the second and third places, used by 3% of websites each. If we look only at content management systems, the first place is taken by WordPress, the second by Joomla! and the third by Drupal.


WordPress is a free, open-source content management system used by most Lithuanian and foreign websites. This content management system is easy to use – even a person with minimal IT knowledge can create a good-looking website with a huge choice of paid and free themes and plugins, and if you decide to hire a company or person to build your website, you’ll have a huge choice of professionals and companies that work with this content management system. “WordPress is used by TIME Magazine, Sony Music, Vogue, the White House website and many other well-known websites.

Wix and Zyro

“Wix and Zyro are paid-for page-building platforms for people who want a small, simple website. Because of their simplicity, they are usually chosen by people on a very limited budget who do not want to spend too much time and money on building a website and are willing to trade a lower monthly fee and more website options for a quick and easy website using these page building platforms.


“Joomla!” is another free, open source content management system. “Joomla! is a more flexible but more sophisticated content management system that has a smaller ecosystem of themes and plug-ins, Unlike WordPress, which was designed as a content management system for blogs, Joomla!” was developed for portals that require more sophisticated user management.


Drupal, like other popular content management systems in Lithuania, is open source and free. This content management system is more difficult to learn for a beginner, but in some cases easier for a programmer when developing specialised solutions. Like Joomla! and WordPress, this content management system can be extended and customised with themes and plug-ins, but the choice of themes and plug-ins is much smaller than with the WordPress content management system.


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